RX antenna

We plan to install RX antenna this time since every year it gets worse with local noise. The antenna is 3 elements RX vertical by Hi-Z. It has been tested 2 years ago from 6V6V and proved to be very useful. Hopefully we will be able to hear more callers on 160 and 80 m bands.

Everything is almost ready and we are leaving home on the 22nd of Nov. Arriving on Sun Island on the 23rd and should show up on the bands around the 25th with at least some antennas.

Hopefully we will have internet in the room and will be monitoring DX cluster.

73, Igor UA9CDC


2014 trip

We are going to visit Sun Island again.

Leaving on the 22nd of November and staying there till the 4th of December.

The main purpose of the visit is operation in CQWW CW 2014 contest.  We will be multy-single on all the bands with 3 operators (R9DX, UA8DX and UA9CDC).

Equipment – pair of K3, Acom2000 and THP HL1.1KFX.

Antennas – verticals and vertical arrays.

See you all in the pileup.


Two more video files of 8Q7DV 2011

Here we are.

YouTube Preview Image


YouTube Preview Image

Some DXpedition video

I have finally found some time to put a bit of video on the web.

Will try to add some more later


YouTube Preview Image



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To honor QRP community that includes great guys from Elecraft we have been operating QRP from here for the last 3 days on standard QRP frequencies (14060, 21060, 28060). So all the qso on these frequencies were made using 5W into vertical dipoles set in a salt water. I was specially interested in such activity because I would like to see what is possible and what is not with KX3 from Elecraft that I am eagerly waiting for.

Well, 20m seems to be the most favorable band as far as QRP activity is concerned. Strange but 10 mtrs sees less attention from QRPers. On all the bands calling CQ with 5 W brings reasonable number of contacts. Skimmers also “feel” my cq and report few db over the noise level. What I do not understand is why so many QRPers call pretty far away from my TX frequency. There is no pile up and not too many callers. What is the point? I am sure I might have missed some callers who called mor then 200 Hz off frequency.

One of our ops UA9CGA is active on RTTY from here. He also complains on low activity. Anyway he has already made 800 QSO and committed to reach 1000 before we have to close down the station.

I will try to update online log tonight.



Long pass to zone 3 on 80 and 160m

For the last 3 days we were trying to help zone 3 to work zone 22. We were calling CQ and announcing our CQ frequency at around 13-00 GMT. Unfortunately the interest to such a contact seems to be lower then we thought. Even when we ask in the cluster to move us to a clear frequency nobody responds. We will have one more evening tonight. Then we are packing up on Saturday and leaving on Sunday morning. We are also regularly on 80 and 160 meters at around our sunrise  (00-00 UTC). Couple of zone 3 stations managed to work us SP on the grey line at that time. We are alternating 80 and 160 because we got only one switchable low band antenna (18m vertical). There are two more mornings left.


Activity during the remaining few days

We are packing up on Saturday and leaving on Sunday.  During the remaining time we will focus on 160/80v ,ands especially to NA and SA. We wll be showing up on these two bands around 13-00 GMT (plus minus 30 minutes) and 00-00 GMT.

We will also continue WARC bands operation (as an avarage we do 1000 QSO a day) and RTTY on most of the bands (unfortunately RTTY activity on the bands is a lot lower then we thought)

So far we had no luck with 50mHz band using our vertical dipole. We did not give up yet but are becoming less enthusiastic.

One more activity that we plan as a tribute to Elecraft. We will work QRP around QRP frequencies on 20-15-10. Hopefully QRP community will appreciate that.


Logs are now up to date on the site

I have just uploaded the complete log up to the end of the 29th of November.

Internet is very slow and unstable. Therefore pictures and video will have to wait till we get back home.

We also have a recording of one of the two transceivers (almost 46 hours of audio worth). I shall think over where to deploy this staff.