All antennas are up

We seem to have installed all of the antennas. Still some issue with 40m vertical so we cannot run high power on that band. Will hopefully rectify this issue tomorrow.

160-80m antenna is up so we will show on these two bands if conditions permit.

So far it has been raining almost every day and thunderstorms are frequent here. The level of QRN when it rains is well over S9. Hopefully we will be luckier durin contest weekend.

Sorry, still no pictures or video. There are two reasons:  we are still pretty busy setting up the station and there are problems with GPRS internet.


20-15-10 m antenna is up

We have put up 20-15-10m half wave vertical today. Made some qso on all the 3 bands to see how it works. It seems to be OK. We do not plan to operate CW on these 3 bands before the contest but might show up there on SSB.

30-17-12 m antenna is also available and we will mainly be on these 3 bands until we set up 160-80-40m antenna (possibly tomorrow. However 12 m antenna did not come out well so we will be on 12m only with 100W. We beleave it should be enough for the time being.

All antennas are set up in a salt water and I hope to publish some pictures later today.


The First QSO

We put up first antenna (30 and 17m bands) and made few first QSO on 30m. Operation has started around 19-00 GMT with 9A2KD. We were running 100W. Hope to install more antennas tomorrow and put some pictures on the web.

How do we pack our equipment .

We are leaving in a couple of days for Maldives. Since I plan to publish some video on this site (something I never did before) I decided to have a training session.

Here is the result. Please do not criticize it too much. This is my very first attempt.

YouTube Preview Image

Online log updated

I have just updated 8Q7DV on line Log.  Hope to post here some new pictures later today. Vadim is now back home.  We continue our preparation for the November trip. Let us hope 10m band will stay as good as it was last weekend.

CQ WW SSB claimed score

Call: 8Q7DV
Operator(s): R9DX
Station:  8Q7DV

Class: SOAB HP
QTH: Sun Island
Operating Time (hrs): 43

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:   38     8       14
   80:   84    14       36
   40:   67    18       36
   20: 1300    38      121
   15:  728    31       96
   10: 2279    31      108
Total: 4497   140      411  Total Score = 6,513,922

Club: Ural Contest Group

Ready for the contest. Log updated.

Few hours before the contest starts. Everything is ready and seems to be working. Vadim decided to go to bed early to be able to stay up for at least 42 hours. Noise level on low bands still very high and will probably prevent 8q7dv from receiving weak signals there during the contest.

I have just uploaded the latest log.

Log updated

I have just uploaded log to the server. You can check now if you are  in the log on a log search page of this site. While doing that check excellent propagation tool which Club Log provides. You will be able to find out what is the best time to work 8Q7 from your area on the bands you are interested in.