All antennas are installed, high local QRM

Second antenna is up and in use. Unfortunately 160m is only usable at 100 W level because of arcing at higher power. Loading coil at the bottom of 18m tall antenna on 160m is not the best technical solution in high humidity environment. Therefore 160m with high power will only be available in November when we plan to put up another 160m antenna with capacitive hat.
Another problem is pretty high local noise level. It went up by almost 20db since 2008. It looks like all the new buildings recently constructed on the island are responsible for that. We will try to track source of noise in November but very little can be done to completely eliminate the problem.

Antennas (click on the picture to enlarge)


Problems with low band antenna

Today Vadim has spent the whole day working on 160-80-40m vertical.

It took quite some time to sort out the home made transmatch. There are still some problems with 160m band setting of the transmatch which will hopefully be rectified tomorrow. Anyway several QSO were made on 80m (EU and USA). So far the noise level is pretty high (around S9) so only really strong signals could be copied. More activity on the bands is expected as soon as all the antennas are in order.

20-15-10 vertical

20-15-10 vertical


First QSOs, one antenna is up

I was hoping to put some pictures here today because Vadim promised to send me some from the island. But alas, probably something has not worked as planned.

Anyway, one antenna is up already (20-15-10v vertical dipole) and 8q7dv is pretty loud here in UA9 on those 3 bands. Vadim is using Elecraft K3  transceiver and Acom 2000 linear. The antenna is set up in a salt water some 5 meters off the shore.

The plan for tomorrow is to set up 160-80-40m vertical. Then there will be more activity on the bands.

Arrival day, heavy rain

Vadim (R9DX) has arrived on the island. All equipment is OK. No antenna work today due to heavy rain. Tomorrow he plans to put up at least one antenna and get on the air. Still plenty of time before the contest starts.