How do we pack our equipment .

We are leaving in a couple of days for Maldives. Since I plan to publish some video on this site (something I never did before) I decided to have a training session.

Here is the result. Please do not criticize it too much. This is my very first attempt.

YouTube Preview Image

4 Responses to How do we pack our equipment .

  1. nice video – but music detracts… some plain ‘elevator’ music – or nothing.

    good luck on your trip 73 John

  2. Great video! I hope you have a good trip and big pile-ups. Are you going to be QRV on 80M? I need 8Q for a new one on that band…hope to work you.

    73 K9GS

    • Gary thanks for the wishes, I think you have a good chance to QSO on 80m, you may be lucky on the top band ;-)

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