Activity during the remaining few days

We are packing up on Saturday and leaving on Sunday.  During the remaining time we will focus on 160/80v ,ands especially to NA and SA. We wll be showing up on these two bands around 13-00 GMT (plus minus 30 minutes) and 00-00 GMT.

We will also continue WARC bands operation (as an avarage we do 1000 QSO a day) and RTTY on most of the bands (unfortunately RTTY activity on the bands is a lot lower then we thought)

So far we had no luck with 50mHz band using our vertical dipole. We did not give up yet but are becoming less enthusiastic.

One more activity that we plan as a tribute to Elecraft. We will work QRP around QRP frequencies on 20-15-10. Hopefully QRP community will appreciate that.

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  1. What are some places to discuss QRP with other people? I went to and they have a forum there and has a lot of good information there but I’m looking for more then one or two places. Any recommendations? Thanks :)

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