Long pass to zone 3 on 80 and 160m

For the last 3 days we were trying to help zone 3 to work zone 22. We were calling CQ and announcing our CQ frequency at around 13-00 GMT. Unfortunately the interest to such a contact seems to be lower then we thought. Even when we ask in the cluster to move us to a clear frequency nobody responds. We will have one more evening tonight. Then we are packing up on Saturday and leaving on Sunday morning. We are also regularly on 80 and 160 meters at around our sunriseĀ  (00-00 UTC). Couple of zone 3 stations managed to work us SP on the grey line at that time. We are alternating 80 and 160 because we got only one switchable low band antenna (18m vertical). There are two more mornings left.

2 Responses to Long pass to zone 3 on 80 and 160m

  1. I will look for you around 13Z on 160 meters. MY sunrise is about 1530Z. Please give me a frequency to monitor. ALso, I believe we worked around 02Z on 30 meters yesterday. I will try again tonight. I am in Zone 3 (Washington State).
    Jim K9JF/7

  2. Thanks for the great operation. You peaked at S8 on 80M about 1445Z yesterday. Great signal into California.

    73, Bruce K6OY

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