To honor QRP community that includes great guys from Elecraft we have been operating QRP from here for the last 3 days on standard QRP frequencies (14060, 21060, 28060). So all the qso on these frequencies were made using 5W into vertical dipoles set in a salt water. I was specially interested in such activity because I would like to see what is possible and what is not with KX3 from Elecraft that I am eagerly waiting for.

Well, 20m seems to be the most favorable band as far as QRP activity is concerned. Strange but 10 mtrs sees less attention from QRPers. On all the bands calling CQ with 5 W brings reasonable number of contacts. Skimmers also “feel” my cq and report few db over the noise level. What I do not understand is why so many QRPers call pretty far away from my TX frequency. There is no pile up and not too many callers. What is the point? I am sure I might have missed some callers who called mor then 200 Hz off frequency.

One of our ops UA9CGA is active on RTTY from here. He also complains on low activity. Anyway he has already made 800 QSO and committed to reach 1000 before we have to close down the station.

I will try to update online log tonight.


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  1. Just want to thank you guys for the first ever DX-pedition to help us QRP guys getting new ones on two-way QRP. It was very strange to hear you calling CQ QRP on 28060.
    Snagged you on 10m today, was using 1W to a poor G5RV. Needless to say I?m very happy! DXCC number 90 on two-way QRP and one of the highlights of my QRP career… Great job!!!
    Ari OH9VL/QRPp

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