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  1. My call is K5BG and I am located in Texas, USA.
    Zone 22 is my last zone for WAZ on 160 meters.
    Our SR and SS times correspond closely and I will
    certainly be looking for you on 160 meters.
    Many Thanks and good luck in CQWW !!
    Bob, K5BG

    • Bob, we will look for you on 160 before and after the contest. Just watch DX cluster and call us when you hear us.

    • Hi Кen!
      See You on 160m CW. Just watch ON4KST-Low Band Chat and DX cluster and call us when you hear us.

  2. Good luck in the contest. Hope to work you fellows either before or after the contest on 75M SSB.
    73′s..Skip KE9L

  3. Tonight at midnight you had a very nice signal on 160 m into SM but unfortunately you QSY:ed to 80 where you ah booming signal. Worked you there. Please try again on 160m!!!

  4. What are your plans during CQWW CW as far as West Coast? Is there a particular time we should be looking for you and on what bands?


  5. Great to work you QRP/QRP just now (1316z on 1st Dec) on 21060. Many thanks for the QRP operation and for the QSO.

    72 Peter G3XJS

  6. You just qsyed to 80. Heard you well for over an hour on 1809.5. No NA worked though many called. Can you please stay on 160 and please listen periodically for NA. We will not be able to work through EU. Thanks. Steve, NN4T

    • FB Steve!
      We spent many times for 160 and 80m this pedition and we did 610 QSOs on 160m and 920 QSOs on 80m during general an contest QSOs.
      73! Serge, UA8DX, 8Q7DV team

  7. I worked 8q7dv on November 30, 2014 but I do not show up in your log. I wonder if maybe you broke my callsign? my call is W5SUM and the qso was 2014-11-30 @02:51 on 20M CW

    could you please check this for me? Thanks

    • HI Roland!
      You are in the 8Q7DV contest log on 30.11.2014 at 03:02 UTC on 20m. All OK!
      We’ ll upload contest log into Club Log very soon.
      73! Serge, UA8DX, 8Q7DV team

  8. Has 8Q7DV QSOs from the CQ WWDX contest been added to your log on Club Log? We had a QSO on November 29, 2014 – 02:17 UTC – 40M 7.015 MHz – during the CQWW DX contest but it is not in the Club Log? My call is WB9LUR.

    Best regards,


  9. Please verify our contact on 30m CW at 23:08Z 02 Dec 2014. Not showing in Clublog. 8Q7DV sigs were just starting to build into NA when we worked…FB sigs a bit later. Many thanks for cfmd 20m/40m QSOs in CQWW CW! 73, Bill W1WBB

    • Hi Bill!
      I found the similar callsign that time on 30m and changed the information.
      You are in the log.
      73! Serge, UA8DX, 8Q7DV team

      • Mni thnx Serge and team! Congrats on FB DXped/contest work from 8Q7. On 40m – ATNO & 1st Z0ne-22 for me. Excellent TX/RX antennas @ 8Q7DV.
        73/DX de W1WBB

  10. 8q7guys Iwill be listening hard for you guys on 160 for zone 22. Last year heard you very weak 1 time. Today i lenghtened the 30 degree beverage from 540 to 880 ft Lets hope for beter condx.Listening hard from the blue ridge mts.73 have fun tommy nw4n

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