Setup so far consists of Elecraft K3 (the choise of most of the dxpeditions), ACOM2000 linear amplifier, small netbook with Wintest and TR4W software.

Operating position

First antenna installed is 20-15-10 m vertical dipole set in the salt water. 12m telescopic fiberglass mast purchased from is used as a support. It is lightweight and is not affected by salt water.

Vertical dipole

Vertical dipole

Here are some more pictures of the antennas. The smaller one is basically 20-15-10 vertical dipole fed with one coax and designed around 12m tall telescopic Spider pole. The antenna was designed by RN4WA and successfully used by him in 2010.

The bigger one is vertical Ground Plane for 160-80-40 built on the 18m tall telescopic Spider pole. This antenna has a transmatch installed at the bottom. It was designed and built by R9DX just for this year expedition.

Both antennas are very lightweight and can be installed by just one person.



Close up view of the feed point of 20-15-10


Match box of the 160-80-40

Matching unit for 160-80-40


Loading coil on 160-80-40


3 Responses to SETUP

  1. i tried to reach you a lot of times but i have home vertical antenna and not much power only 100 wat you hear me me twice but all the time it was …..stand by…. from you for the biger stations
    so its better sime times do not forget where are you began …. you was in my condition too at begining

  2. Worked you on 30 meter using a home made 80/40 meter trap inverted V. which is about 20 meters above ground. The radio is a TS-590 running 100 watts. Thanks for the QSO and looking forward to next year.

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