Sun Island Resort, South Ari Atoll, Maldives.

Located 68 miles from  Male airport, 240 miles north of the equator line, Sun Island resort is situated on the magnificent island of Nalaguraidhoo.
The Maldives are often referred to as  “the last Paradise on Earth”.

Imagine how difficult it is in this atmosphere to think about the competition. Therefore our team treats contesting from here  as one  of many possible attractive activities.

Let’s play along. Please feel free to call us through the pile-up, we will hear you.
Below is  some useful information and photos

Sun island ZONE ITU: 41, ZONE WAZ: 22, QTH LOC: MJ63JL, IOTA: AS-013
Band plan IARU region 3 http://www.iaru-r3.org/r3bandplan.doc

Looking west

9 Responses to Overview

    • Direct if you want it quick. 1IRC is the best. 2$ if you do not have IRC and prepared for the risk of loosing your letter.

  1. I would really like to work you on 30 meters before or after CQ WW CW. We have good openings aound 0100 UTC . Also I worked 4S7NE two days ago at 1922 UTC.

    Please do 30 meters!


    Bob W9KNI

  2. Your team ROCKS !

    Having worked you on 3.5 mhz in the past I know
    what your team can do !!!!

    See you on 28 mhz or if very very lucky on 1.8 mhz


  3. Central TX is tough for QSO’s to 8Q.
    Need 8Q on 12M, 30M, 80M, 160M – heard you lightly at 1310z 28 Nov on 10103.9
    Keep trying.

  4. Hello Deat Vadim,

    Many thanks for the 80m & 160m QSO im very happy for new DXCC on top band :) )) nice signal my vertical antenna :) ))

    All the best to you hope again bands best regards vy 73 & DX HA8LNN Zoli

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